Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Easy Meditation Techniques

The following easy meditation techniques are for anyone who has hesitated to learn how to meditate because of the perceived difficulty. It's true that you can spend years to get to the deepest levels of meditative practice. However, it also true that you can get some benefit - and perhaps the motivation to go further - from some simple meditations you can do right now.

What are the benefits relative to brainpower? Reducing stress is an important one. We think better when we're not stressed. More than that though, recent research shows that constant stress can actually cause physical brain damage.

Another benefit is that with a couple simple meditation techniques we can train ourselves to focus better on whatever mental tasks we are working on. We essentially learn to "tame" the mind and make it more effective for our purposes. So let's get started with a simple breath watching technique followed by an even easier way to meditate.

Breath Watching

Sit quietly somewhere, close your eyes, relax and pay attention to your breath for few minutes. How's that for a simple meditation? The basic idea is to quiet your mind. That's easier said than done of course, so here are some tips to...

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